How to choose the best web hosting company

Finding a web hosting company that suits your needs for your children’s entertainer website can feel like quite a task. There are so many companies offering so many different packages and you may well be left with information overload asking yourself “so which one is best”?

Let me start off by sharing my top recommend web hosting providers for kids entertainers.

My Top Pick

bluehost-logo1BlueHost offers a fantastic service, I have used them for years on many of my websites and I have been happy with their pricing, speed, service offering and, most importantly, their support. Click here to check Bluehost.

Bluehost will suit most website needs. They offer good bandwidth, adequate disc space, unlimited SQL database setup, a one click WordPress installer, an easy to use C panel and good support.
Bluehost is my top pick web hosting company.


My Pick for when specialist hosting is required

WP-admin-logo1WP Engine. This is a seriously specialised web host for WordPress websites. WP Engine is superheats and they have servers dotted around the globe giving you server location choice.

Get 50GB of Premium Bandwidth and 10GB of storage with WP Engine’s standard hosting plan!

You need to have a good technical understanding of SFTP to access your website as WP Engine does not have a C Panel. WP Engine is a premium hosting provider and they charge a premium fee. This is a great choice if you need your site to be superheats however I recommend getting a good web technician to help you upload and maintain your site as this is not for the beginner.

What is a web host?

A website hosting company is a service provider. They rent out space on purpose built computers where you can store the files that make up your website. Often the hosting company will offer a range of services to go with your hosting plan such as a C panel, automated site backups and virus protection.

Think of your web hosting provider in terms of them renting you some ground for you to build your home on. In this analogy your home is your website and the rented ground the server space you need to host your website.

If you were building a home, you would need to consider what services you would need like a gas supply, electricity and plumbing. When you are building your website there are also considerations to take into account regarding what services would best suit you and the needs of your website.

What services does a web hosting company offer

Lets take a look at some of the jargon you are likely to see what comparing website hosting services and decode what is meant.


Bandwidth is a term that describes how much data can pass between your server and your website visitors computer. It’s like a pipe that runs out of your server and the thickness of the pipe determines the bandwidth or speed of access. Unless your website has unusably heavy loads on it from thousands of daily visitors it is likely that most website hosting company bandwidth allowances will meet your needs.

Disc Space

Disc Space is a term that refers to how much hard drive space you are located on the server where your website is hosted. Your website is made up of files containing all the images, text, videos and downloads you have on your website along with the core files that make up your website coding. All these files require disc space and you will find that most web hosting companies allow enough space to accommodate these files comfortably.

SQL Databases

SQL Databases are needed for running content management websites like WordPress or Joomla. When you populate your site with text, images and content, the content is written to the database.
If you are looking to build your website on the WordPress platform, you will need your hosting provider to provide SQL databases.

C Panel

C Panel means control panel and it is software that a hosting provider supplies that allows you to interact with your website. Most standers web hosting companies will provide C panel access however the more high end hosting companies do not as they see the C panel as being a security vulnerability and having the effect of slowing the website down. On a normal usage website, you will be glad to have a C panel as the software gives you choice and flexibility to edit and control your website.

Website Builder and Eshops

Beware of the website template builder offered by hosting companies. The web builder template software allows to build a website or online shop using a template provided by the web host. The templates are easy to use and you can have a website up in minutes however what you gain in convenience, you lose in flexibility and practicality.

E shops and website template builders are limited in what they can do for you. Traditional a website host company will give the template away as a reason to buy the package. Don’t fall into this trap. Rather use a web designer to build your website and use a hosting company to host your website.