An article about how to write content

Content is key and is crucial to have your entertainer website found by your next potential booker.

When it comes to getting your website built you are going to be hit with the phrase: “supply me with your content…”


Let’s have a quick look at what content is and then how you can easily and successfully produce it.

What is content?

An info graphic showing what is included in content writingVery simply put, content is the words (text), images (pictures and graphics) and video’s that you publish on your entertainer website to convey your message to your potential bookers.

It is the tools you use to communicate what you are offering them and how it benefits them should they choose to book you and your services.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Until you get the “you need to use the keywords in your content for your SEO rankings…”

And feel like you are back to square one…

Don’t worry. That’s what I am here for. To help you to get your content right so that your website are seen by the right people: your next booker. Let’s have a look at how you need to write your content.

How do you write content?

So you’ve got your text, images and video’s. Now what?

Let’s start at the end. Bare with me… we are going to work back to front on this one…

Start with your aim. When it comes to producing and publishing successful content your aim is twofold. They are not separate elements, on the contrary. It is a fine balance of the two elements that leads to success.

Write for your reader

Create content aimed at your readerYou need to write your content in a way that it conveys your message clearly, concisely and informatively to your potential booker. People on your website are like weary travelers, they are exhausted from trawling through the internet, searching for the solution to their problem. If they have to wade through yet more pages of text, they are quite simply going to leave.

Give them the information in as few words as you can that will effectively give your potential booker the answer they are searching for. They are likely to engage in your brand and your offer if you can solve their problem easily and quickly.

Using images, graphics and videos are effective ways of communicating your message to those readers who choose to watch a video rather than read the words. You’ve got to meet your potential booker where they’re at in a way that works for them.

Now you have your reader satisfied, but there is the second and equally important part to writing successful content.

Write for Google search engines

Write your content for search enginesTo ensure your website get seen by your next booker, you need to present your information in a way that makes sense to Google search engines. Although these search engines are really clever, they are not quite as clever as we are. We use language in a very creative way, describing ideas with metaphors and examples, painting pictures with words that you and I and your potential booker understand, but means nothing to the Google search engines.

The key is to write your content in such a way that is informative and engaging for your reader and can be indexed and understood by Google. Keywords and key phrases play a really important role here.

Furthermore the theme and topic of your entertainer website needs to be consistent throughout. What I mean with this is that your whole website needs to carry the theme of what you are doing, for example kids birthday party entertainment or corporate and trade show magic.

As soon as you start to diversify into services, it mixes the message you send to your booker. For example, “entertaining at birthday parties for kids”, “close up magic at corporate events for adults” and doing “team building workshops with balloon modelling in the workplace”. Stick with one theme per site to enhance your credibility as an expert with your booker. People are looking to book experts at what they do. If someone is looking for a kids entertainer, reading about your corporate your trade show magic, only confuses and dilutes your offer.

When the magic happens

Once you have created your content to satisfy both your potential booker and the search engines, all that’s left is adding emotive images, graphics and video’s. Finish it off by placing clear call to actions in strategic positions on your webpages and you have a successful website!

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