How to write an about page for your website

Your booker judges your business based on you. The simple fact is that people like dealing with people, not businesses. We all do.

The ‘about’ page on your website might not get much of your attention when you are putting your site content together, as you are so focused on describing your entertainment packages, you forget about the who behind your service.

Surprisingly, you may find that your website statistics may reveal your ‘about’ page to boast one of the highest traffic results. Why? Because your bookers want to find out who you are; what your story is and why they should chose you over the kids entertainer down the road.
This page plays a critical role in establishing your credibility.

With that said, your about page is not a place to list your life history, your lifetime achievements and awards. No. It is an opportunity to build credibility, create commonality and identify with where your booker might be at and how you and your service can help them.

Your about page may just be the swaying factor that makes your website visitor choose you over your competition. Offer good, engaging and interesting content and you are on to a winner.

Here’s how you do it:

Craft a compelling, persuasive headline.

Lets look at my kids entertainer website as an example.

A compelling about page headline

Notice what I’m doing in my headline? I am asking a question I know the answer to. Of course they are looking to book a kids entertainer else they would not be there. I am identifying with their need.

With your very first words, build yourself up as the expert in your field, but while doing so, don’t forget to highlight what your bookers can get from you.

And here’s an important tip: don’t use words like “you should” or “you must”. Pushy headlines turn readers off. Instead, opt for headlines that tell the benefits of working with you outright. Look at how Twitter does it. Simple and succinct.Image on your about page

Add an image or a video.

Many will tell you to put a photo of yourself in your about page. It’s good advice. People will naturally like to know the face behind the words and the company.

Also add a picture of what you do. Not a pic of you standing entertaining, but rather a picture of children with big smiles on their faces reacting to the entertainment you are providing. Show the result of your service, happy smiling kids, because thats what your booker is looking to buy.

If you wish to add a short video then by all means go ahead but keep it short and to the point. Remember, your about page is not meant to sell, it is to show more about you so select a clip that shows how much fun you have. You could even add a voice over of you saying how you love what you do. Check out this example.

Talk about your audience’s needs.

The words on your about page should be no different from the content of your other pages in one thing: it should focus on your bookers needs. The tricky part is you should let them know about you—your values, why you are qualified to entertain their child (don’t get carried away though), the people you have worked with in the past—while telling them how you can help solve the problem that got them searching for your service in the first place. This is the key.

Share your story.

How did you get started as an entertainer? What events led to you starting your service? What drove you and is driving you to this day to provide the entertainment services you’re offering? Share this with your readers and make it read like a good story. People love good stories. Make sure to write it in your voice and make it honest. Did you struggle with anything? Put that in. Sometimes talking about the challenges you faced will make people relate to you the more. Check out the Muse Website Design about page and you will see this formula in action.

Add trust signals.

Trust signals are features on your website that inspire trust in your potential bookers. They can simply be your physical address and contact information (this will encourage bookers to get in touch with you as well as assure them you won’t just “poof” and disappear once they pay you) and they can also be testimonials, customer reviews, and social proof. Adding as much credibility as you can will go a long way into building the confidence of your potential bookers in you.

Here is an example taken from a trusted Mum’s and Tot’s Group in the UK

example testimonial for an about page

To gauge just how much difference trust signals can make to your business, let’s look at a 2012 survey conducted by Search Engine Land to find out how online reviews impact consumer behaviour. They found out that 1) most buyers place as much trust on online reviews as much as they do on personal recommendations, and 2) positive reviews make them more likely to trust and buy from a local business.

Add customer reviews to your siteSource:

Look at that numbers. Imagine the potential bookers you stand to lose if you don’t provide customer reviews on your about page.

Now if you do decide to add customer reviews on your about page (and you definitely should), take care to add the reviewer’s name and even a link to their website if possible. This will signal to your potential bookers that your customer reviews were submitted by actual, verifiable people.

Close with a call to action.

Call to Actions are very importantWhen it comes to anything online, you have to be crystal clear on what you want your bookers to do. The same applies to your about page.

After telling them your story and what you can do for them and providing glowing customer reviews for their perusal, you can ask your readers to take action. Do you want them to give you a call? Maybe you want them to fill in your enquiry form? Whatever it is tell them what to do. But remember, choose just one. Asking your potential booker to do more than one will make them likely not to do anything at all.

So take this information and go and write a killer about me page for your kids entertainer website. Make it compelling, personal and interesting and you will be well on your way to turning those lookers into bookers.