doug-scheerDoug Scheer is a school assembly entertainer at the top of his game. He has set the standard that everyone strives for.

Doug knows his business and market inside and out. He identified his bookers struggled with navigation on his old website and couldn’t find what they were looking for. All the information they needed was there, but they couldn’t find it.

Doug knew a website redesign with the focus firmly on improving his bookers’ user experience, would get him more bookings.

With this focus in mind, Doug and us here at Muse Website Design set to work in designing a new website that effortlessly guide the site visitor through the website.

In the process Doug updated the content of his site to be as informative and useful for his bookers to make booking him for their school assembly shows a 'no-brainer'. Peppered with vibrant, eye catching and just outright spectacular photographs, Doug’s new website truly represent the quality of his performances as well as portray the absolute enjoyment he brings to every child audience he engages with.

To see the result of Doug’s vision for his new website go to What school would not book him?

Wow! Colette and her team didn't just create a modern and extremely effective sales tool for me with my killer website design, but they also provided everything I needed to understand the maze of confusion and technical mumbo-jumbo behind it. Hiring a designer who is also a performer has to be one of the smartest marketing decisions I've made in this new era of advertising because Colette understands exactly what you need, and don't need, to be successful. Smart performers surround themselves with the best. I'm thrilled Muse Website Design is now a part of my team.

- Doug

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What we did:

  • Creation of website design faithful to the client's specifications
  • Customized call-to-action buttons and widgets that match the client's brand
  • Addition and formatting of content on website pages
  • Optimisation of website content in accordance with Google's best practices
  • On-page SEO throughout the entire website for local keywords
  • Sitemap submission to search engines
  • Addition of tracking code for website performance monitoring
  • Autoresponder series setup, integration and training to optimise off-line conversions
  • Training provided to maintain and update website
  • Training provided to track website performance

Try for yourself:

Have a look at and see the website that showcases all of Doug's shows and helps him get found by more bookers.