New Magic Tricks for Kids Website Design Case StudyThe Magic Tricks for Kids website needed a makeover to coincide with the book launch of Abracadabra! Fun Magic Tricks for Kids. The look and feel had to be more appealing and vibrant, and give the sense of excitement like when you open a box of magic tricks! It was critical that the website remained user-friendly as the primary users of the site are youngsters wanting to learn some easy-to-do tricks.

Have a look at the new Magic Tricks for Kids website right here.

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What we did

  • Redesign of the entire website look, feel and layout of the site to convey excitement according to client brief
  • Robust mobile site structure to cope with the high volumes of traffic it gets
  • Fast delivery of HD training videos
  • Easy navigation
  • Seamless migration from previous website
  • Added graphics and sidebars for more visible promotions
  • Adding relevant features on the homepage that are appropriate for the target audience
  • Call to action buttons to optimise subscriptions
  • Prominent social media integration

Want to see what the old site looked like?

Try for yourself

Go to and have a look around. Try the website on your mobile and see the easy navigation to all the services on offer.

Magic Tricks for Kids New Website Design