Looking After Your Website

When you have invested time and money getting the perfect website, it is worth thinking about how best to keep it safe. When you have a car it's your duty to drive safely, change the oil and take it for services. When you have a website, it's your duty to monitor, maintain and update it to prevent security risks and loss of your valuable data.

You don't have to search far on Google to find horror stories about sites being hacked, infected with malware or worse, vanishing without a trace. Take a moment and look for yourself, type “my website has a virus” into Google and see what comes back. Not pretty.

There is nothing worse than waking up one morning and finding your website has been infected by malware. I know how it feels because it happened to me. The lesson ended up costing me over $500 for a security expert to remove the virus and secure my site.

When I approached my hosting company to complain they said it was my responsibility to update and monitor my website and that the attack was a result of a plugin that had not been updated. They gave me a link to a clause in the fine print of their terms and conditions that exonerated them from responsibility.

I realised then that having a website came with responsibility.

Why updates are necessary

The world wide web is in a constant state of change and you want your website to continue to look good on ever changing browsers. You want your pictures to show the same tomorrow as they do today and you want your videos to play across all the devises your bookers use. To make this happen, WordPress constantly update and adjust the core files that make the framework so versatile. Can you believe that they release an update on average every 50 days?
Take a look at this link and you will see the released updates since 2003. I bet the last update was not long ago.

Muse Website Security and Maintenance Package

Let Muse Website Design take care of your website security and maintenance leaving you free to do what you do best: perform.

What we do for you

  • Make a monthly backup of your entire website including your SQL database
  • Regularly scan your website for malware, adware, virus and ransom ware
  • Update your WordPress platform every time a new update is released
  • Update your plugins when an update is released
  • Update your theme settings and files
  • Monitor and remove spam comments
  • Monitor history of changes to your website
  • Optimize your WordPress Database
  • Monitor for unusual traffic patterns on your site
  • Block IP login from suspicious addresses
  • Restore your site in the case of a total site crash
  • Send you regular reports so you have peace of mind that everything is in order
  • Up to 1 hr of basic editing of your website (changing pictures, updating copy, adding widgets etc.)

The Muse Website Design Security and Maintenance Package means you don't need to worry about your website because that is our job.

Maintenance and Security Packages

Pay per hour - £175 (GBP) per hour 1 hour minimum charge

Perfect if you have no maintenance package in place and you need some work done on your WordPress website. This service is charged on an hourly basis.

Monthly Maintenance Package - £35 (GBP) per month

Taking the monthly package means you get our low rates and priority service.

Yearly Maintenance Package - £350 (GBP) per year

Get 2 months free by paying annually upfront

DISCLAIMER: The internet is a big place, hackers get smarter by the day and new malicious code malware and viruses are being created by the hour. The Muse Website Design Security and Maintenance Package gives you a strong level of defense against the baddies but sadly no company can guarantee 100% safety against an attack. The monitoring technology we use to look after your website is the same as we use on our own websites. This means your site will be valued and treated as our own.