Why Your Website Should Have a Privacy Policy

MWD Blog_Why Your Website Should Have a Privacy Policy

You’ve most probably seen privacy policies on some websites you’ve visited, and maybe like some people, you didn’t pay much attention to them. What are they for, anyway? Turns out, a privacy policy is actually one of the most important documents you need to have on your website, whether you’re a blogger or a business…

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How to Write Persuasive Web Content

In order to write effective web content, you will need to plan your writing and make important decisions about your article. The advice you will read here will help you get your writing started on the right foot. Build rapport with readers. Strive to maintain a presence on your article and be there when your…

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Mobile responsive test

In April 2015 we saw probably one of the biggest changes in Google… Mobile responsive design. Yes, that old chestnut again… What have you done about it? Are you going into 2016 with a website that is still not mobile responsive? A quick recap… What is Responsive Design? Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach…

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Tips on how to write content for your website

An article about how to write content

Content is key and is crucial to have your entertainer website found by your next potential booker. When it comes to getting your website built you are going to be hit with the phrase: “supply me with your content…” WWWWHAT? Let’s have a quick look at what content is and then how you can easily…

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How to choose the best web hosting company

How to choose the best web hosting company Finding a web hosting company that suits your needs for your children’s entertainer website can feel like quite a task. There are so many companies offering so many different packages and you may well be left with information overload asking yourself “so which one is best”? Let me…

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Tips on how to write an ‘About’ Page

How to write an about page for your website

Your booker judges your business based on you. The simple fact is that people like dealing with people, not businesses. We all do. The ‘about’ page on your website might not get much of your attention when you are putting your site content together, as you are so focused on describing your entertainment packages, you forget about…

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