Keith said: “The new site would be easy to use. Have a clear call to action with an auto response to our client. There would also be a “reward” for submitting client information. It would also be possible to complete the booking process totally online.” is a great example of the ‘Creative Package’ as it is a custom design that has the autoresponder series integrated to make this site highly effective for engaging, signposting and converting website visitors into bookers. Keith took his first booking within 24 hours of his site launch as a direct result of his new website.

Read what Keith experienced within a week of the launch of

We recently contacted Colette about having our website redesigned by Muse. Today our new site is up and running with fantastic results. The goal was to create a site that would be both attractive and functional with the capability to move a prospective client from curious all the way to booking. Without a doubt I believe that Colette and Ken have exceeded our expectations.
Of course I am biased, however the overall appearance of the site is inviting and the “call to action” is clear on every page. Within 24 hours of the site being live we had our first onsite visitor move all the way from interested to booked. The step-by-step process that Colette took us through to reach this point was, while sometimes arduous, well worth the time invested.
Some of the highlights designed by Colette include a clean design, simple navigation, bold call to action buttons, a Party Planner Book, Free Invitations and so much more.  What I call the “Birthday Sales Funnel” emails are worth the design cost alone. She integrated an autoresponder series of emails that connect with the prospective client in an emotive and encouraging way. This series of emails is a “soft-sell” approach with definitive benefits for the client.
We are excited about the possibilities of our new site! Right now I am following through with Ken’s “Magic TAP” course to make sure that we take advantage of the newly designed site. If you are even considering having a website built or redesigning your existing site I would highly recommend that you contact Colette and Ken (unless you’re in Florida – then just don’t ?).
Thanks so much!

– Keith

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What we did:

  • Website design according to client specifications
  • Customized call to action buttons and widgets to match the brand
  • Population of website pages and optimised to match Google’s best practice guidelines
  • On page SEO throughout the website for local keywords
  • Sitemap submission to search engines
  • Tracking code addition for monitoring website performance
  • Training provided to maintain and update website
  • Training provided to track website performance
  • Autoresponder series setup, integration and training to optimise off-line conversions

Try for yourself:

Visit and have a look around at the website and note the clear ‘call to actions’ to move the site visitor to take action.